Transcelestial Plans to Help Philippine Telcos Improve Internet Delivery


Transcelestial is a Singaporean startup that recently closed an investment under the Ayala corporation. One of the first Ayala venture funds publicly announced.

centauri cells

Transcelestial’s main product is Centauri. A state-of-the-art, ultra-high bandwidth wireless laser communication for telecoms and enterprises. Their products delivers connectivity at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Since setting up towers and cell sites is merely expensive and the congressional approvals would take years, Centauri can be set up rapidly in metro-wide locations using existing posts in streets and deliver laser connectivity within an area of 3-5km.

centauri 1gbps 10gbps

Having multiple mini delivery devices in an area can create a mesh network of high-speed connectivity. The Centauri comes in 2 speed variants. 1Gbps that runs on 4G networks and 10 Gbps on 5G networks.


There’s no news yet regarding plans and schedule of implementation. But word is that major telcos such as Globe and Smart are also vested in Transcelestial’s technology.

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