We Reserved A Starlink Satellite For Our HQ In Quezon City

credits: Starlink.com

We were excited to make a reservation for a Starlink satellite on the Starlink official website for our HQ in Quezon City. Apparently, Starlink can service the Philippine market independently without a local telecom partner. Your area should at least be covered by Starlink’s service areas in the Philippines.

Starlink Address Input
credits: Starlink.com

Step #1 – Enter Address

The reservation process is quite simple. You simply visit the Starlink website at www.starlink.com. Once you arrived at the homepage, you simply enter your address and verify it on their available list.

Starlink Reservation Form
credits: Starlink.com

Step #2 – customer information

You will be required to input your basic personal information, contact information and credit card information.

credits: Starlink.com

Step #3 – Payment

Proceed with Payment of $99 which is equivalent of about ₱5,000. This reservation is refundable.

costs & fees

The $99 is just a reservation fee since the process is on a first come first serve basis. The Starlink satellite itself costs about $500 or ₱25,000 (One Time Payment). Other fees would probably be included minimally for shipping and local taxes.

We added a screenshot of their complete deposit payment terms. You may also view them here.

Starlink Terms
credits: Starlink.com

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