Andoer Mx5 2.4G

Andoer MX5 2.4G Wireless Lapel Mic

Andoer Mx5 2.4G

Most wireless mic systems in the market nowadays will set you back no less than ₱5,000. But Andoer, a camera and phone accessory company beat the odds by going against the flow with their Mx5 2.4G wireless mic system.

Andoer Mx5 Wireless Mic

The Andoer Mx5 would be considered a direct competitor of the Rode Wireless Go or the Saramonic Blink lineup. But if you take a look closer Andoer is targeting the entry market of media creators. Putting this product on a much more affordable and bang for the buck price point.

Andoer Mx5 Wireless Whats in the box

Here’s what you get straight out of the box:

  • 1x Andoer Mx5 Transmitter with mic input
  • 1x Andoer Mx5 Receiver
  • 1x Lapel Mic chord with 3.5 jack
  • 1x TRS chord with 3.5 jack (DSLR)
  • 1x TRRS chord 3.5 jack (For mobile phones)
Andoer Mx5 Wireless Mic

Powering up is fairly easy as the transmitter and receiver are already paired up. This puts the ease of use for beginners and first time users.

The Andoer Mx5 transmitter includes 3 different types of input on the side. An input for an external mic lapel that comes in the box. An aux input for other external devices and a micro usb input as a charging port.

The top portion of the Andoer Mx5 transmitter also includes a built-in mic just in case you don’t want to use the external lapel mic.

Andoer Mx5 Wireless Mic

The Andoer Mx5 receiver inputs include an audio in to be connected to a smart phone, DSL or any other recording device, audio out for monitoring and a micro usb for as a charging port.

Andoer Mx5 Wireless Mic

As advertised the distance in which the transmitter can transmit audio signals is up to 50 meters. This of course will fluctuate depending on any obstacle in the surroundings. As for battery life, our test gave us approximately 1 hour and 8 mins at full charge and straight shoot.

In terms of sound quality, it’s fairly decent and does the job. For beginner creators the Andoer Mx5 would be the best product they ever made to start with.

The big question is would it kill off other brands such as Rode and Saramonic? Definitely not. At the end of the day quality still is still king.

Get your hands on the new Andoer Mx5 2.4G for only ₱2,430 at Lazada


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