Xiaomi Mega Launch

Xiaomi Mega Product Launch March 29, 2021

Xiaomi Mega Launch

Looks like Xiaomi is cooking up something new in a week time. It was only a couple of weeks ago that they launched their latest flagship the Mi 11. I guess they didn’t waste any time by teasing the same phone but with 2 new variants.

Xiaomi Mega Launch

This post design on Xiaomi’s official Facebook page mimics a monumental statue shaped into a phone which evidently says it all. Word around is that Xiaomi is launching a Mi 11 Pro variant and a Mi 11 Ultra variant. So looks like the initial launch was really more on the standard variant.

If you think about it, it somehow reminds me of the Apple presentations during the time of the iPhone 12 Launch. 4 different variants with 2 launches. Kind of makes you think how Apple is revolutionizing launches in other phone companies.

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