Gcash Invest Money

Gcash Invest Money Roll Out

Globe’s Gcash e-wallet app rolls out their full product line up for investments ranging from PH Bonds, Global Technology (Investment in Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet/Google), Consumer Funds (Amazon, Alibaba, Nintendo, Sea/Shopee, Activision Blizzard) and PH Equity (Top PH companies like Globe, Ayala, SM, etc.)

This is a chance for anyone even if you’re not an investment savvy individual, investing via the Gcash app is very simple and straightforward.

For as low as ₱50 you can invest in a number of funds that can give you an astonishing return of more than 50% per annum. Way higher than regular savings interesting in traditional banks.

Gcash has made this possible with partnership brokers Atram and Seedbox Philippines.

Investing in funds via the Gcash app will require you to have a verified Gcash account. Since having all your information stored and verified within the app, additional steps are required to make investments. The below screenshots show how easy it is to invest in 6 simples steps.

For more information about Gcash Invest Money you may visit their official page here.

Gcash Invest Money
Gcash Invest Money

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