Cabal Online Coming To Mobile

Cabal Mobile

Cabal online is a free to play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), developed by company ESTsoft in South Korea. Cabal online during the PC game craze was praised as one of the best RPG games of the millennium.

RPG are games where you build up characters and level them up as you play along. In-game purchases are also available and you can easily barter and sell in the games marketplace.

Cabal Mobile

Cabal online was a combination of mid-evil characters blended in magical armor and high tech weaponry. Being a multiplayer platform you can team up with other gamers and build a guild and join wars.

Cabal Mobile

After more than a decade, Asiasoft and ESTgames Corp built a partnership that will bring the ultimate MMORPG game to mobile! Both Android and iOS. The plan will focus on releasing the game in the Philippines and Vietnam considering this is where the highest concentration of Cabal gamers are,

No information was given on the exact release date but it seems things are ramping in the release of the game.

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