Apple Spring Event Recap

Apple Spring Event 2021 recap

We’re summarizing an hour long presentation to on a single post. So here’s what happened in the Apple Spring Event 2021.

They released the new and transformed iMac series with sparkling variety of colors! 24 inch 4k screen, Dolby surround and running on the new M1 silicon chip.

They released the newly awaited iPad Pro that now has the M1 silicon chip. This makes the iPad the most powerful tablet running on a laptop processor.

The iPhone Purple edition is an add-on to the current iPhone 12 series which now blends in with matching colors of the iMac series. A feature of this iPhone has a special chipset that works hand in hand with Air Tags.

Apple Air Tags, the newest product line of Apple which functions as a small device that can be attached to keys, wallets and other items and simply locate with your iPhone.

The latest edition of the Apple TV now runs on the A12 chip which can produce and play high resolution movies with higher refresh rates compared to its predecessors.

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