iOS 14.5 Is here!

iOS 14.5

So here comes another iOS update that has major improvements since the launch of iOS 14. These updates include the new product features of Air Tags and Find My devices, new emojis, Siri with now new voices, Apple Music and Podcast maps, and more.

iOS 14.5

But the most talked about of all the new and improved Apple ecosystem updates is the Privacy App Tracking Transparency. This is a feature that many tech giants are intimidated of. Apple being a strong arm privacy compliant player forced many apps and developers to adjust to this new standard.

iOS 14.5

Basically if you are an iPhone, iPad and Mac user, you will be able to control the apps and softwares that can track your activity. We all know that tech giants utilizes your information to target ads to you without your without your direct consent. Of course if you don’t mind this, you can always simply allow them to track you.

You may find the complete updates information here.

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