gomo unli data

Gomo’s Unli Data 3.3 Promo

After a recent update on Gomo’s apps, they added new prepaid plans for the 3.3 Sale. They added unlimited data plans for unlimited internet access.

DJI: March 2, 2021 Launch Teaser

  • DJI, News

DJI has posted a launch teaser on their official Facebook page unveiling a new DJI lineup or a new update on the DJI Inspire on March 2, 2021.

imac 2021 m1x

New Imac 2021 Leak Powered with M1x

  • Apple, News

Nostalgia. The best word to describe the rumor going around on colored iMacs. Possible new iMac lineup powered by the M1x silicon Apple processor.

spotify hifi

5 Things About Spotify HiFi

  • Apps, News

Spotify announced that premium members of the music streaming service will be able to upgrade to the sound quality that artists intended to deliver in the beginning of this year.

Netflix Latest Feature: Auto Downloads

  • News

Netflix announces a new feature on their App pegged Downloads For You which automatically downloads recommended movies and tv shows.

Data Breach: Cashalo

  • Apps, News

Last February 20, 2021, Cashalo posted on their official Facebook page that part of their database archives were access by an unauthorized entity.